Expo 2025

The ATC Building in Osaka is expected to play a significant role in the upcoming Expo 2025. This landmark, known for its innovative design and multifunctional spaces, will likely serve as a hub for various Expo-related activities. Its strategic location and state-of-the-art facilities make it an ideal venue for hosting international delegates and exhibitions. The ATC Building's involvement in Expo 2025 symbolizes Osaka's commitment to showcasing cutting-edge technology and sustainable development, aligning with the Expo's theme of designing future societies for our lives.

ATC Facilities for Expo2025

About ATC

ATC is one of Osaka's largest building property owners across office and commercial sectors. We provide office spaces and facilities in Osaka's most iconic business locations “ Sakishima ”.
Whether leasing corporate office space or hunting for your next showcase, our experts make it their business to understand your needs and help you find the right property of us.
Our spaces are designed to help you get the best out of your working environment no matter what you like to work here.

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ITM 4F -L7

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ITM 3F A-5

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ITM 3F E-5

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ITM 3F J-7

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ITM building J-7

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ITM building 2-F

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With 30 minutes distance by subway from center of Osaka, ATC is just standing in front of Osaka Bay, loading to world-wide biggest sea, Pacific Ocean.
When you are looking for new base with comfortable atmosphere, ATC is the best place to settle down in where you can work effectively and efficiently without being bothered by big-city noise and crowed.
In evening time, you can enjoy & be relaxed with the most beautiful scene of sun set of Osaka Bay, which you cannot see and touch inside Osaka-city.
Calm Quite Osaka Bay always provide you concentration & relaxation in your daily business scene.

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