Commercial Office Space for Lease in Osaka,
ATC building is located just 5 km from center city.
It is park-like setting along the Osaka bay overlooking the sea.

About Osaka

Osaka is located in Kansai, a region located in central Japan.
It consists of 6 prefectures – Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Shiga, and Wakayama – and has flourished as a political, economic, and cultural center of Japan due to the fact that Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara were once the country's capital.
Kansai's total area is around 27,350 square kilometers, with more than 20 million people living within an area approximately 200km in diameter.

As a commercial city, Osaka has produced numerous highly enterprising entrepreneurs and helped create various new and unique products and businesses that are today world-renowned brands.
In recent years, while placing importance on innovation and speed in the world of business, Osaka has been undertaking various measures to attract capital, information, and talent both domestically and abroad in order to build an environment (innovation, ecosystems) of constant innovation.


Location for ATC

The artificial island in where ATC bldg is located " Saki Shima", floating in the Osaka Bay area,is located in a convenient place that allowsa variety of approaches from the sky, the sea, and the land.
At the same time, it is also a tourism hub that allows you to travel smoothly to tourism cities in Kansai.
There is no barriers between work and leisure,so you work like traveling.
It is the area that fits best in our era where high mobility is required.

Traffic for ATC

ATC building can be accessed directly connecting to "Trade center Mae station" that allows you to go into our building. Our facility has 1,200 indoor parking spaces.
No matter how it's weather ATC building contributes our tenants to reach to offcies comfortably.

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